(L-R) Skip Whiting, Timbo, Steve Kidwiler & Mike McNamara


The sound that Speedbuggy USA offers is direct, almost unstoppable. It’s the musical equivalent of a juggernaut rampaging its way across the Southern states, its precious cargo rocking and rolling in the vast space behind the driver, and with no stop sign capable of putting a halt to the speeding behemoth. — Liverpool Sound Magazine (UK)

Speedbuggy USA is one of the hardest playing bands in rock music, putting their nitro-fueled swampbilly, soul, cow-punk brand on the soundtrack of our lives… And the style? That’s theirs, too. Thundering razor-sharp guitars, rumbling bass, and infectious drum grooves with howling dark vocals.

Arriving at their unique sound through the prism of experience, Speedbuggy USA’s persistence and love is for some of the greatest music of the past. Inspired by rock and roll sounds of The Clash, The Who, Johnny Thunders, and The Rolling Stones, along with roots of Little Richard, Elvis, and Johnny Cash, as well as the hard twangin’ Bakersfield sound of Buck Owens. There’s also plenty of Los Angeles history in there, including influences from Rank and File, X, The Cramps, and Tex & the Horseheads thrown into the mix as well.

So many influences, it’s impossible to peg just one. A style loud and proud enough to cut through the noise of clubs, festivals, and roadhouses across the globe packed with crowds looking for something different but familiar.

“It’s honest heartfelt music,” says Speedbuggy USA’s lyricist and front man, Timbo. “We write songs about hard jobs, rough life, bad breaks, drinking, and loving. Real stories about real people that seem to be lacking in songs these days. On stage, Speedbuggy USA delivers an explosion of raw energy with true passion and plenty of grit. We give nothing less than our all and shake the stage like an earthquake.”


Timbo – Vocals, guitar
Steve Kidwiler – Lead Guitar
Skip Whiting – Bass
Mike McNamara – Drums
Greg McMullen – Pedal Steel