Sweat and Style are the high geared twin axles of Speedbuggy Usa

The sweat?  

Well, it’s their own.  Speedbuggy is one of the hardest playing bands in country rock music, putting their nitro-fueled cow-punk brand on a genre that’s been the soundtrack to American life for nearly 100 years……



And the style? 

That’s theirs, too.  Speedbuggy arrived at their unique sound through the prism of experience, history and a love for some of the greatest music from America’s past. Their inspiration comes from the hard twanging Bakersfield sound of Buck Owens and his Buckeroos, followed by Merle Haggard to the rock and roll sounds of The Clash and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  A style loud and proud enough  to cut through the noise of roadhouses packed with blue-collar crowds out for a good time. 

“It was working man’s music, and that’s exactly the kind of songs we write,” says Speedbuggy’s lyricist and front man, Timbo. “They’re songs about hard jobs, drinking and loving; real stories about real people; there’s not enough of that in music these days.  I’ve worked hard jobs all my life, and I know these stories, because I’ve lived them”. 


Timbo   –   Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

Seth von Paulus   –   Lead Guitar

Patrick Dennis   –   Bass

Mike McNamara   –   Drums

Greg McMullen   –   Pedal Steel